Cake Insulation Bag
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Cake Insulation Bag

As a professional manufacturer, we are happy to provide you with Cake Insulation Bag. Xiamen Everhart Industry&Trade Co., Ltd., is a well-established enterprise established in China for more than ten years. For many years, we have been focusing on research in the field of insulation bags. We will provide you with the best after-sales service and timely delivery. Our Cake Insulation Bag is a product designed to keep cakes fresh and with excellent insulation and cooling effects. Its unique design aims to meet the needs of high capacity, durability, and durability, providing excellent protection for your cake transportation and storage. Whether it's celebrating birthdays, parties, or other special occasions, whether it's celebrating birthdays, parties, or other special occasions, the cake insulation bag is your reliable companion. Its excellent insulation and cooling performance, large capacity design, and durable and sturdy features provide you with a convenient and reliable solution for carrying and storing cakes.

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Product Description

As one of the professional Cake Insulation Bag manufacturers and suppliers in China, Xiamen Everhart Industry&Trade Co., Ltd., is committed to providing customers with excellent insulation solutions. We have our own independent factory that can provide personalized customization services to meet the unique needs of different customers. If you are pursuing personalized and high-quality luggage products, Xiamen Everhart Co., Ltd. will be your preferred partner. We look forward to working together with you.

Our Cake Insulation Bag uses efficient insulation materials to ensure that the cake maintains the ideal temperature during transportation. Whether it's a warm cake or an ice cream cake that needs to be kept cold, this bag can effectively isolate the external temperature, ensuring that the taste and taste of the cake are not affected.

For various sizes of cakes, Cake Insulation Bag offer multiple size options to accommodate cakes of different diameters and heights. Its spacious interior design makes it an ideal choice for carrying large cakes, multi-layer cakes, or other desserts, meeting your needs in various occasions.

This Cake Insulation Bag is suitable for various occasions, including but not limited to birthday parties, family gatherings, festival celebrations, picnics, etc. It can not only maintain the fresh taste of cakes, but also be used for transportation and preservation of other types of pastries, desserts, or hot and cold beverages.

Product Parameter (Specification) of the Cake Insulation Bag







Product Feature and Application of the Cake Insulation Bag

① Using high-quality insulation materials, effectively isolating the external temperature, ensuring that the cake is not affected during transportation. This Cake Insulation Bag has a spacious interior, suitable for various types of cakes, and can easily accommodate multiple layers or large pastries.

② Made of wear-resistant and tear resistant materials, the Cake Insulation Bag has excellent durability and robustness, ensuring a long service life. The sturdy handle and sturdy zipper design make carrying, opening, and closing more convenient, maintaining good performance even in frequent use. 

③ The foldable design makes the Cake Insulation Bag lightweight and portable, making it convenient for users to carry in different occasions. Whether attending parties, picnics, or traveling, you can easily fold the Cake Insulation Bag into a smaller size and put it into your luggage or vehicle, enjoying delicious food anytime and anywhere.

④ The interior is made of easy to clean materials, and the Cake Insulation Bag not only effectively isolates the external temperature, but also easily wipes or cleans when cleaning is needed, facilitating cleaning and maintenance.

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