Color Thermal Insulation Bag
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Color Thermal Insulation Bag

Welcome to Xiamen Everhart Industry&Trade Co., Ltd., We specialize in producing Color Thermal Insulation Bag. As a reliable professional manufacturer and supplier in China, we have been committed to producing high-quality Insulation Bag, Student Schoolbag, Cosmetic Bag. We are proud of our excellent reputation in the industry, constantly pursuing excellence and providing customers with reliable and innovative products. The Color Thermal Insulation Bag combines practicality and fashionable design, making it an ideal choice for modern life with its excellent insulation performance, versatility, and portability. Adopting high-quality insulation materials, the insulation bag effectively isolates temperature differences and keeps food warm. At the same time, its unique colorful appearance design endows it with fashionable elements. Suitable for various scenarios, including family gatherings, weekday lunches, picnics, and outdoor trips, providing users with a rich and colorful dining experience, making colorful insulation bags an indispensable fashion partner in daily life.

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Product Description

As a professional manufacturer of Color Thermal Insulation Bag, Xiamen Everhart Industry&Trade Co., Ltd., adopts advanced insulation technology and high-quality insulation materials to ensure that our products achieve the best level of insulation performance. Our Color Thermal Insulation Bag not only meet the needs of daily life, but are also widely used in outdoor activities, travel, and various scenarios, providing users with convenient and practical solutions. Welcome to wholesale or customize from our factory at any time.

Our Color Thermal Insulation Bag not only focus on excellent insulation performance, but also emphasize unique exterior design. Adopting high-quality insulation materials, effectively isolating the temperature difference between inside and outside, ensuring the warmth of food. At the same time, the colorful exterior design makes it stand out in appearance, creating not only warm but also fashionable dining experiences for users.

The advantages and characteristics of our product are reflected in its versatility and portability. A well-designed portable device is very convenient and can be easily carried to the office, campus, outdoor activities or travel. In addition, Color Thermal Insulation Bag are not only suitable for insulating food, but also for keeping cold and fresh, providing users with a more diverse range of usage options.

Our Color Thermal Insulation Bag are widely used in various scenarios. Whether it's for family gatherings, weekday lunches, picnics, or outdoor trips, colorful insulation bags can provide users with a colorful dining experience. Its fashionable appearance and practical design make it an ideal choice for young people and consumers who value quality of life.

Product Parameter (Specification) of the Color Thermal Insulation Bag

Length width height
19.5cm 13.5cm 25.2cm

Product Feature and Application of the Color Thermal Insulation Bag

①The uniqueness of Color Thermal Insulation Bag lies in the perfect combination of fashion and insulation performance, providing users with a practical and fashionable dining experience, making them an indispensable item in color life.

②Color Thermal Insulation Bag not only focus on insulation performance, but also have versatility, which can be used for cold insulation and preservation to meet various needs of users. Its portable design makes it easy to carry and is suitable for lunches, picnics, or outdoor trips on weekdays.

③Adopting high-quality insulation materials and Color Thermal Insulation Bag to ensure excellent insulation performance, effectively isolating internal and external temperature differences, maintaining food warmth or refrigeration, and providing users with longer food freshness.

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