Industry News

  • We produce and provide thermal insulation bags, food delivery bags, takeaway bags, cosmetic bags, travel bags, storage shopping bags, trolley bags, mountaineering bags, and other sewing products are very professional.


  • The choice of travel bag brand quality is related to the integrity and experience of tourism. A high quality backpack can make the journey easy. Professional backpack brand, after a long time of improvement, can be solid and practical, outreach rich, detailed, more ergonomic.


  • Oxford cloth or nylon cloth, strong and wear-resistant; Equipped with waterproof rubber bottom, the bottom is equipped with non-slip pad.


  • The cold is generally called ice package, can be used as a mobile refrigerator, used for iced drinks and fruits, milk/tea/seafood and other food preservation; It is also used for refrigerated transportation of drugs, vaccines and other products. Heat preservation is generally used for heat preservation food, lunch, restaurant delivery and so on.