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Everhart is one of the professional Insulation Box manufacturers and suppliers in China. Xiamen Everhart Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. Is a hart to develop to meet the market demand of application to intelligent control and large health as the theme of the new product, the company has the advanced low-temperature equipment production lines, testing lines, facilities and work shop, special testing room, equipped with special performance stability test equipment and test instruments, provides guarantee for the stability of the product.

The Insulation Box, food aluminum foil insulation box for heat and cold resistance requirements are relatively high, in high temperature water will not deformation, and even can be sterilized with boiling water. 2, durable: to have superior impact resistance, compression or impact is not easy to break, will not leave scratches, can be used for a long time. 3, sealing: this is the first thing to consider when choosing food aluminum foil incubator. Although different brands of products seal in different ways, but a good seal is necessary to keep food fresh for a long time. 4, preservation: the international standard for the determination of sealing is to determine the air permeability through the humidity test, food aluminum foil incubator air permeability is lower than similar products 200 times, can make items fresh longer. 5, environmental protection: food grade environmental protection materials, non-toxic tasteless, anti-ultraviolet, not easy to change color.

Why use Insulation Box? Because the Insulation Box can not only meet the customers can taste delicious food outside, but also solve the situation that customers can not eat in the field, so the Insulation Box is a good choice for some customers.

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  • Xiamen Everhart Industry&Trade Co., Ltd., is an excellent manufacturer of Lunch Insulation Box. For many years, the insulation boxes produced have been wholesale and retail to various parts of the world, receiving high praise from customers. With excellent quality and production technology, we are renowned in the industry. Our service attitude and professionalism are also our strengths. Don't miss us, come and cooperate with us quickly. Our Lunch Insulation Box uses food grade PP and EPS insulation materials to ensure food safety and quality. Food grade PP material is heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant, avoiding food contamination and maintaining its original taste. At the same time, EPS insulation materials ensure long-term insulation, cooling, and preservation of food, providing comprehensive protection for food. We are committed to environmental protection and energy conservation, strictly controlling the manufacturing process, selecting environmentally friendly materials, and energy-saving processes. Lunch insulated boxes not only solve the problem of outdoor food preservation, but also meet various needs, whether it is outdoor activities or family life, you can enjoy convenience and comfort.

  • Xiamen Everhart Industry&Trade Co., Ltd., is an excellent manufacturer of Double Shoulder Insulation Box. Since its establishment in 2014, our company has won unanimous praise from customers for its excellent quality, reasonable prices, and excellent service attitude. We are renowned in the industry for our excellent quality and advanced production technology, which sets us apart in the fiercely competitive market. Our Double Shoulder Insulation Box is made of high-quality Oxford cloth material, which has excellent waterproof and wear-resistant properties, effectively protecting the safety and freshness of food. The double zipper design ensures convenient use, and the inner compartment is made of insulation material, which can effectively maintain the temperature of food within a certain temperature range and maintain the best flavor. Side pockets can be used to store beverages, improving the convenience and efficiency of meal delivery. Breathable materials ensure the comfort and health of delivery personnel during prolonged work hours. We are committed to bringing a new experience to the food delivery industry, ensuring food quality and customer dining experience, showcasing our commitment to quality and professionalism.

  • Xiamen Everhart Industry&Trade Co., Ltd., is an excellent manufacturer of Oxford Cloth Insulation Box. Our products are not only highly favored in the domestic market, but also exported to various parts of the world. By continuously optimizing production processes and product design, we ensure that our products comply with international standards and provide customized services to meet the special needs of our customers. Whether you are seeking personalized customization or bulk procurement, we can provide you with the most suitable solution. Our Oxford Cloth Insulation Box is a professional product designed specifically for outdoor dining and delivery. Made of Oxford cloth material, it has excellent waterproof and wear-resistant properties, providing users with reliable protection. Internally using hot pressing technology, it has waterproof and water storage functions, effectively maintaining stable temperature inside the box and keeping food fresh throughout long-distance transportation or outdoor dining. The Oxford cloth insulated box is designed based on ergonomic principles, with a three-dimensional square shape that makes the board straight. The detachable shoulder strap reduces travel burden, considering user comfort and convenience. Whether it is hiking, camping, or long-distance travel, it can be easily carried and enjoy a convenient outdoor dining experience.

  • Xiamen Everhart Industry&Trade Co., Ltd., is an excellent manufacturer of Aluminum Foil Insulation Box. Our products cover various specifications and designs to meet the needs and preferences of different customers. As an excellent manufacturer, we not only strictly control product quality, but also strive to constantly innovate to ensure that our products always maintain a leading position. We are committed to establishing long-term and stable cooperative relationships with customers, providing them with high-quality products and professional services. Our Aluminum Foil Insulation Box is carefully made of three high-quality materials, and has undergone strict screening to ensure its wear resistance and leak resistance. The use of precision reinforcement joint technology further enhances the firmness and durability of the box, which can maintain stability in various environments and provide reliable protection for food. The design adopts a two-way zipper design, which is easy to operate and convenient to hold. Whether it is food delivery or outdoor gatherings, users can easily carry it. In addition, it has a double-sided mesh bag design, which can hold beverages and prevent them from scattering while walking. The layered design allows for food to be placed in zones, intelligent management, and keeps food fresh and tidy. These designs make it more convenient for users to organize food, improving convenience and efficiency of use.

  • Xiamen Everhart Industry&Trade Co., Ltd., is an excellent manufacturer of Refrigerated Insulation Box. We are committed to providing high-quality and innovatively designed products to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. As an industry leader, we have advanced production equipment and a professional production team to ensure that our product quality always stays at the highest level in the industry. Whether it is for personal household use or commercial needs, our products are meticulously designed to offer users the best preservation and transportation solutions. Our Refrigerated Insulation Box features food grade COPP internal structure and high-quality PU foam insulation layer to ensure food safety and freshness. The outer design adopts polyethylene material that is resistant to pressure and impact, ensuring the durability of the box. Equipped with a large capacity design and portability, it is compatible with ice packs and suitable for various scenarios, including food delivery insulation, restaurant delivery, and fruit and vegetable refrigeration. Meanwhile, the sturdy sealing design keeps food fresh and suitable for various daily and commercial operational needs.

  • Xiamen Everhart Industry&Trade Co., Ltd., is a highly recognized manufacturer of Mesh Cloth Insulation Box. We are renowned in the industry for our exquisite craftsmanship and excellent quality. As a company dedicated to innovation and quality, our team has rich experience and professional knowledge, committed to continuously improving the technical content and practicality of our products. We not only focus on the appearance design of our products, but also value the inherent quality and functionality to meet the diverse needs of customers for insulated containers. Our Mesh Cloth Insulation Box adopts a double-layer thickened insulation cotton and insulation hollow board design, ensuring that food is insulated for about 6 hours during outdoor activities. At the same time, the internal structure is reasonable, multifunctional storage, lightweight and practical. High quality PVC mesh, hardware zippers and other materials ensure the durability and easy cleaning of the product. Whether it is picnics, camping, or family gatherings, mesh insulated boxes can meet your needs for warm food and bring you a comfortable outdoor dining experience.

Everhart is one of the professional Insulation Box manufacturers and suppliers in China, with more than 10years working experience. Welcome to wholesale and buy fashion, cheap and high quality Insulation Box from our factory. Our products are durable, we can provide customers with customized service and you can safely use our products.
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