• Everhart is an outstanding manufacturer and wholesaler of Outdoor Mountaineering Bag in China. Over the years, with good quality, excellent production technology, enjoy a reputation in the industry Outdoor Mountaineering Bag , it is a necessary product for outdoor activities and provides convenience for customers to travel.We look forward to working with you.How should customers choose outdoor sports bags, buy outdoor sports bags, and what features should the product have? This article answers these questions from a professional perspective, so that every customer can buy a satisfactory product.


  • A:FAQ of the development of the shopping bag market

  • Explain why domestic and foreign customers choose us, we provide customers with complete services.


  • A:Our general delivery time is 30 days, and we can also cooperate with you according to your actual situation.

  • A:We are a Xiamen manufacturer, design, quotation, procurement, 4 sets of production lines with about 100 people, etc., is a group of elite teams.

  • A:Our minimum order quantity is 500 pieces, or according to customer needs, we try our best to meet customer requirements.

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