Corporate News

Questions often asked by customers


1, what is the minimum quantity of an order for you?

A: all of my routine product minimum quantity is 500, if you are new products by the early single quantity cannot reach our minimum quantity, we also can customize for your first 300 minimum quantity adjustment.

2, the pictures on your website are in stock?

A: our products are no inventory products need to customize, only a small amount of product in stock.So before you take a picture of item please with our customer to confirm whether you spot first , so as not to bring unnecessary trouble to you.

3, the product can choose styles or colors?

A: our custom product needed materials and accessories are adopted and custom in the direct market, so can be adjusted according to your requirements.

4, about the sampling and the production cycle is how long?

A: our sample production time is 7-10 days, if there is need to customize materials and auxiliary materials, the time will be delay accordingly. Large cargo time routine is 30 days. (in case of sales season, political factors, such as force majeure factors, there will be corresponding delay.)

5, product after-sales:

A: you don't have to worry about the quality of your goods, we have the quality inspection personnel will arrange inspection all products before shipment. If you receive the goods after check have personal quality problem, don't worry, we support all domestic non-artificial quality problem within one month after sale. Back and forth the freight we undertake to ensure a satisfactory service to you!