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  • With the improvement of people's living standard and the global attention to environmental protection, people pay attention to environmental protection, green and economic in all aspects of life. Green travel and low-carbon life are also the lifestyle of many people. Actions such as never using or using less disposable items, trying to plant trees, and using your own shopping bags are all evidence that people are environmentally friendly. Xiamen Everhart is an outstanding wholesaler and manufacturer of shopping bags, with many years of rich production experience and superb production technology, our company's Foldable Shopping Bag have been shipped around the world for many years. And because of its high quality and low price, it is widely loved by customers at home and abroad.

  • Stationery industry has been one of China's export trade, for many years to meet the needs of overseas buyers. Xiamen Everhart is a famous wholesaler and manufacturer of boxes and bags. The Transparent Pencil Bag is one of the best selling stationery series. The material of its mesh is the biggest selling point, which is suitable for diverse scenes and large number of people. Color and specification of the total class, widely loved by customers at home and abroad.

  • Cartoon elements are widely used in various products, especially in the category of children's products. Product designers will reasonably consider adding the most popular cartoon characters into the product appearance design. Everhart researchers have taken the age and preferences of target customers into consideration when designing this product, with a variety of colors and patterns. As products made in China continue to enter the world, the import and export of stationery supplies has also become a part of foreign trade. Cartoon Pencil Bag has become the leading sales of Xiamen Everhart Cartoon Pencil Bag Series, and the product research and development team continues to improve and innovate Cartoon Pencil Bag, and strive to provide customers with satisfactory products.

  • Xiamen Everhart is a supplier and manufacturer of Canvas Pencil Bags with rich production experience. With the popularization of global education, as well as the invention and improvement of teaching tools, the arrangement, storage and induction of students' school supplies have become a non-negligible part of the cultivation of students' hands-on ability and children's learning habits.Canvas Pencil Bags plays an important role in the storage of school supplies for students. Everhart went into the stationery market for students, conducted market research and multi-party discussion, and designed a number of Canvas Pencil Bags with good aesthetic quality for children.

  • Everhart is an excellent manufacturer and wholesaler of student Pencil Bags. With years of production experience and first-class production technology, the quality of Everhart Pencil Bag series is widely loved by customers at home and abroad. Multi-function Pencil Bag is a must for supermarkets and stationery buyers every year. Multifunctional Pencil Bag is a product carefully designed by Everhart's R & D personnel from the quality, style, detail design, ergonomics and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, referring to peer products.

  • Everhart is a manufacturer and wholesaler of handbags with many years of experience. With professional R & D team, excellent technical personnel, strict quality control, strive to become the front end of the bag industry. Ladies Casual Handbag is a very competitive product in the fashion field. Whether it is men's products or women's products market, it is a leading product in annual sales. As people's fashion tastes evolve, Everhart is constantly tweaking and updating each item in handbag collection. Everhart Ladies Casual Handbag, as a favorite of customers at home and abroad for many years, is still a popular product in today's times. Please do not hesitate to send us your enquiry, we will provide you with perfect service.