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Market demand for thermal insulation bag


 In addition, with the outbreak of COVID-19, the food delivery industry is in urgent need of insulated containers to transport food and items ordered by customers. As a result, the catering industry is buying large quantities ofthermal insulation bag to keep takeaway food safe and warm. Everhart thermal insulation bag to see the market opportunity, waved to customers at home and abroad.

It is a new product launched in recent years. Thanks to the booming delivery economy, its sales volume is high. Our professional R & D technicians based on mechanics, thermal and ergonomic considerations, finally designed this product with good thermal insulation effect and high cost performance.Because of its excellent quality and reasonable price, it is very competitive in the market. There are many application scenarios of the  thermal insulation bag. It is also very good for take-out food delivery, outdoor picnic and storage at ordinary times. The increasing number of repurchase customers shows that the practical value of this product is still very high.