Why so many customers choose us?


Why so many customers choose us?

Everhart is a company that manufactures all kinds of boxes and bags. With decades of history, professional R & D team, excellent technical personnel, good service attitude customer service staff, is an important reason for customers to choose us. We provide a series of services, from the customer order, we will send specialists to supervise the production process, until the end of the product production, goods packing, shipping destination. Our customer service staff track the logistics in real time, in order to answer customers who want to know about the transportation of goods.

In the same way, we also provide customization service, from the material, color selection, we can strictly follow your requirements. Because we have an independent factory, our price will have an advantage over the peers.

About product after-sales: you don't have to worry about the quality of your goods, we have the quality inspection personnel will arrange inspection all products before shipment. If you receive the goods after check have personal quality problem, don't worry, we support all domestic non-artificial quality problem within one month after sale. Back and forth the freight we undertake to ensure a satisfactory service to you.

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