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Xiamen Everhart Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is one of the professional insulation bag manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have good products and professional sales and technical team. With the quality policy of "pursuing quality, carrying out scientific management, persisting in continuous improvement and enhancing customer satisfaction", and the management concept of "people-oriented", long-term training for the personalized characteristics of talents, so as to achieve the win-win goal of the common development of individuals and enterprises.

Everhart insulation bag, also known as passive refrigerator, is a kind of high effect of heat insulation and constant temperature package (with the warm in winter and cool in summer), cold insulation, heat preservation, more fresh, using high quality materials, convenient to carry, suitable for travel, holiday like driving outing at the picnic, family use, product lining for the pearl cotton combined with aluminum foil reflective thermal insulation layer, to provide good thermal insulation effect, From now on, you can carry cold drinks, cold drinks and so on in the car, outdoors, no longer have to endure warm drinks! The ice pack is fashionable and beautiful in appearance, novel in style, easy to clean, can be folded, easy to store. This product also has the function of heat preservation, also suitable for winter heat preservation needs, life, travel, leisure must.

Our insulation bags have obtained CCC certification and ISO 9000 certification, and we also have cooperation with well-known brands such as Starbucks Adidas.
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  • Everhart is a leading manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of Multifunction Oxford Cloth Insulation Bag . With the development of the food delivery economy, the takeaway box has its own market. Everhart according to their own advantages, seize the opportunity of the times, in the total product category invested a lot of time and energy, and finally developed a waterproof and insulation excellent takeout box. This product has been loved by customers at home and abroad. Why are you still hesitating? Come and cooperate with us!

  • Everhart is an outstanding manufacturer and wholesaler of Thermostatic Portable Insulation Bag in China. Over the years, with good quality, excellent production technology, enjoy a reputation in the industry. Thermostatic Portable Insulation Bag according to the needs of customers for the purpose of continuous pursuit of manufacturing products to satisfy customers. Over the years, the production of thermal insulation box wholesale, retail to the world, received customers praise. In addition, with the outbreak of COVID-19, the food delivery industry is in urgent need of insulated containers to transport food and items ordered by customers. As a result, the catering industry is buying large quantities of Portable Insulation Bag to keep takeaway food safe and warm. Everhart Portable Insulation Bag to see the market opportunity, waved to customers at home and abroad.

  • Averhart as a professional Aluminum Foil Insulation Bag manufacture, you can rest assured to buy Aluminum Foil Insulation Bag from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

  • The following is an introduction to Oxford Cloth Insulation Bag, we hope to help you better understand Oxford Cloth Insulation Bag. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future together!

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  • Everhart is one of the well-known manufacturers and suppliers of dust and thermal insulation bags in China. Over the years, we have been focusing on the research in the field of dustproof and thermal insulation bags. With our rich experience and professional technology, we have achieved good responses. Our products are favored by customers at home and abroad. You can rest assured to buy the dustproof thermal insulation bag from our factory, we will provide you with the best after-sales service and prompt delivery.

Everhart is one of the professional Insulation Bag manufacturers and suppliers in China, with more than 10years working experience. Welcome to wholesale and buy fashion, cheap and high quality Insulation Bag from our factory. Our products are durable, we can provide customers with customized service and you can safely use our products.