Foldable Shopping Bag
  • Foldable Shopping BagFoldable Shopping Bag
  • Foldable Shopping BagFoldable Shopping Bag
  • Foldable Shopping BagFoldable Shopping Bag
  • Foldable Shopping BagFoldable Shopping Bag
  • Foldable Shopping BagFoldable Shopping Bag
  • Foldable Shopping BagFoldable Shopping Bag

Foldable Shopping Bag

With the improvement of people's living standard and the global attention to environmental protection, people pay attention to environmental protection, green and economic in all aspects of life. Green travel and low-carbon life are also the lifestyle of many people. Actions such as never using or using less disposable items, trying to plant trees, and using your own shopping bags are all evidence that people are environmentally friendly. Xiamen Everhart is an outstanding wholesaler and manufacturer of shopping bags, with many years of rich production experience and superb production technology, our company's Foldable Shopping Bag have been shipped around the world for many years. And because of its high quality and low price, it is widely loved by customers at home and abroad.

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Product Description

Foldable Shopping Bag is a product of Xiamen Everhart product line, which is produced every season. There is no high season or low season for the Foldable Shopping Bag . It has been the favorite product of buyers at home and abroad. has many functions.Foldable Shopping Bag can be washed by hand or machine, in line with the requirements of environmental friendly, can be used in many scenarios, can be used for supermarket shopping bags, food market, travel and so on.

Oxford cloth material, wear-resistant waterproof, foldable design, When folded, the shopping bag is the size of a mobile phone and easy to carry,Foldable Shopping Bag can bear 20kg, good load, tight stitching, bag firm, strive to provide customers with a good quality product, handle part widened, reduce the burden of lifting, multi-color optional, can provide customized services, large capacity, basically meet customer travel needs.

FAQ of Foldable Shopping Bag

1.About delivery: All the products shown on the page are in stock. If we encounter individual products out of stock, we will contact you as soon as possible.

2.About freight: freight will be automatically generated according to the order weight and quantity, the specific charge standard please consult customer service staff.

3.Delivery time: Due to large daily shipments. Support one piece of consignment. We will be 24 to 48 hours after your successful payment

Goods will be delivered in the order of payment. Delivery time can be affected by uncertainties such as distance, weather, etc.

4.Packaging damage: If there are any problems such as packaging damage and missing goods after receiving the goods, please contact our customer service when receiving the goods

If you have quality problems, please take photos and communicate with us within 72 hours after receiving the goods.

5.About price: Due to the fluctuation of raw material labor price is larger, in the peer's vicious quotation competition, so that the prices of our product can not be very accurate in front of the customer, so if you are very interested in our products, please

directly contact customer service or exclusive salesman, to provide you with a quote.

6 .About color difference: all products in this shop are shot in kind, but by the process of shooting the light of environment and other irresistible reasons.

There is a slight color difference between the photos and the real products. This kind of product is not a product quality problem

7.Size specification: Because of manual measurement, so there will be error, please understand. This kind of product does not belong to the problem of product quality, all goods are subject to the actual items(support sample).

8 .Distribution agent: to provide you with data packets, original pictures and videos, single product quotation, please consult the salesman for details.


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