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Xiamen Everhart Industry&Trade Co., Ltd., as one of the leading Children Schoolbag suppliers in China, has established stable cooperative relationships with suppliers from all over the world. We provide our customers with excellent products based on high-quality raw materials, helping them stand out in the market. Explore the charm of cute Children Schoolbag, adding relaxation and fun to children's learning journey! Our proud high-capacity design ensures sufficient space to accommodate all learning materials, allowing children to easily carry the weight of knowledge. The backpack adopts an ergonomic design, which is lightweight and comfortable, fitting the curves of children's backs, providing them with a comfortable feeling all day long. High quality waterproof materials can provide comprehensive protection for children's valuable items. Let children feel relaxed and happy on every study day. Choose our cute Children Schoolbag to create a relaxed, comfortable, and reliable learning companion for children.

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Product Description

Product Introduction of the Children Schoolbag

Welcome to Xiamen Everhart Industry&Trade Co., Ltd., your trusted professional Children Schoolbag manufacturer. We have an experienced and creative design team dedicated to providing safe and fashionable backpack choices for your children. As a local manufacturer in China, we deeply understand and respect local culture, and are committed to providing customers with quality that meets international standards. We have our own independent factory that can meet your wholesale needs at any time. Whether you are a retailer, distributor, or online platform, we have multiple styles and designs to choose from to meet your various needs.

Compared to traditional backpacks, our Children Schoolbag is unique in its carefully designed 6-layer capacity. Each floor has its unique functions, providing children with ample space to easily accommodate various daily necessities such as textbooks, stationery, water bottles, lunch boxes, etc. This design provides children with more flexible and orderly storage space.

Our Children Schoolbag prioritizes children's comfort. The backpack features a soft and comfortable backboard design that fits the curves of the child's back, providing them with a relaxed and comfortable fit. Whether it's long walks or transportation, this backpack creates the ultimate wearing comfort for children.

Made of high-quality waterproof nylon material, it is very suitable for daily use. This material can effectively protect your belongings from getting wet. This Children Schoolbag provides comprehensive protection for your valuable items, allowing you to use them with peace of mind on sunny or rainy days.

Product Parameter (Specification) of the Children Schoolbag

Length width height
Small 29cm 16cm 41cm
Large 31cm 16cm 44cm

Product Feature and Application of the Children Schoolbag

①Our Children Schoolbag features a multi pocket design, allowing children to easily classify and store various items, bidding farewell to clutter. Children's vitality is boundless, so we choose lightweight materials to ensure that the backpack itself does not become a burden for children.

②We are well aware of children's unique pursuit of appearance, therefore, our Children Schoolbag emphasizes cute appearance design. With vibrant colors and vivid patterns, each backpack is a small artwork.

③In order to give every little owner an extra surprise, we have included a cute detachable pendant in each Children Schoolbag. This small accessory is not only a decoration, but also a companion to accompany children through every happy moment.

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