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Business Travel Bag

Welcome to Xiamen Everhart Industry&Trade Co., Ltd., your trusted Chinese professional Business Travel Bag manufacturer and supplier. We adhere to the unremitting pursuit of excellent quality and the passion for innovative design, providing customers with diverse high-quality travel companions to cope with the rapid changes in market demand. We not only focus on the fashionable appearance of our products, but also strive to enhance the overall travel experience of our users. Every business travel bag is the result of our careful design and manufacturing, aimed at adding convenience and pleasure to your journey. Our Business Travel Bag is an ideal choice that combines a stylish appearance, durability, and versatility. Using wear-resistant, tear resistant, and waterproof Oxford fabric, combined with high-quality zippers, can ensure that it is not easily worn out after long-term use. The ultra-light and fast drying material makes cleaning easy, and the waterproof design makes it an ideal companion for fitness, yoga, and travel. The main compartment is spacious, with independent zippered compartments and shoe boxes inside, cleverly designed to meet diverse storage needs. The design of two adjustable straps and a handcart bag makes it suitable for different scenarios, whether as a sports backpack or carry-on luggage, providing you with a convenient and comfortable travel experience.

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Product Description

Welcome to Xiamen Everhart Industry&Trade Co., Ltd., your trusted Business Travel Bag manufacturing expert. As a company specializing in the manufacturing of travel bags, we have advanced production factories and are committed to adopting the latest processes and materials to ensure that every product meets the highest standards. Our manufacturing capabilities are very flexible, able to meet the needs of personalized design and also adapt to the market demand of large-scale wholesale. We offer competitive wholesale discounts and various discounts to ensure that your shopping experience is not only convenient, but also cost-effective.

Our Business Travel Bag not only focuses on fashionable appearance, but also has a strong and durable design core. Made of wear-resistant, tear resistant, and waterproof Oxford fabric, equipped with high-quality zippers, it can ensure long-term use without easy wear and tear. The precise stitching process ensures that the bag is sturdy, durable, and not easily broken. To provide comprehensive comfort and a variety of transportation options, we have designed adjustable and detachable shoulder straps. The ultra-lightweight and quick drying material makes this sports and travel bag easy to clean, while the waterproof design makes it an ideal companion for fitness, yoga, and travel.

Designed specifically to meet a variety of needs, our Business Travel Bag features a spacious main compartment with an independent zippered compartment that can separate wet towels, toiletries, and more. The bottom of the sports bag is equipped with a separate shoe box, allowing you to store sports shoes in a clean and hygienic manner. This clever design makes travel bags the perfect choice for travel, sports, and fitness. Whether in the gym or on the road, we ensure that you can easily carry all necessary items.

Our Business Travel Bag is practical and can adapt to different scenarios. Two straps with adjustable buckles make it suitable for both sports backpacks and hand luggage. The back design features a handcart bag for easy carrying and hands-free travel. This makes travel bags an ideal companion for gyms or travel, allowing you to enjoy convenient and comfortable travel experiences anytime, anywhere.

Product Parameter (Specification) of the Business Travel Bag









Product Feature and Application of the Business Travel Bag

① Our Business Travel Bag features a super large capacity of 35 liters, providing you with spacious storage space that can easily accommodate clothes, phones, shoes, cosmetics, and other essential items. This huge capacity ensures that you don't have to worry about carrying items during travel or other activities, making it easy for you to carry the items you need anytime, anywhere.

② Has excellent versatility our Business Travel Bag is suitable for various scenarios. It can be used as a travel bag, sports bag, sauna bag, swimming bag, and even a luggage bag. This makes business travel bags an ideal choice for various outdoor activities such as fitness, travel, swimming, hiking, etc.

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